Personalized property management services - Portland, OR

Since 1984, InterWest Properties Inc. has been providing quality, honest, and professional residential investment services to the Portland Oregon metro and Vancouver WA areas.

InterWest is a trusted property management authority that can professionally manage your rental property or apartment community with expertise.

Our commitment to excellence and providing personalized service never waiver, and we work and improve on best practices to maximize return on clients’ investments. Whether you have one home to rent out or a number of houses or multi-unit properties throughout the area, we can meet your management needs.

InterWest Property Management’s core competencies are in strategic marketing, preventive maintenance, transparent recordkeeping, essential applicant screening, and prompt rent collection.

We make owning investment properties in the Portland/Vancouver areas easy. Our team is ready to work with you, today.

Whatever needs you might be looking for in a property manager, our team of experts has the insight, experience, and local resources to successfully handle all of your rental property management needs, challenges, concerns, and questions.

While many companies claim to do things well, we deliver on our commitments by making things happen.

Our Mission

Our duty is to provide expert management services to our clients and their property. We earn our partners' trust by performing our responsibilities with integrity and consistently delivering optimal results.

We utilize modern technology for convenience and a special customized approach toward our customers. This makes us immediately responsive to the needs of our valued clients. Apart from that, we aim for the maximum satisfaction of tenants and guests, so turnovers are reduced and avoided.

InterWest has local expertise, which we continue to sharpen over the years with our talented professional staff. We bring in nationally recognized best practices and superior systems to the table. Our unquestionable years in the property management industry protect our clients from imminent conflicts and we make every effort to stay legally compliant.

Call us now to experience our impressive customer service approach. Be illuminated with the benefits that come from choosing to work with InterWest. We’d be delighted to welcome you to our growing list of clients and loyal customers.

Local Property Management Expertise, Professional Results

Portland Houses

InterWest has proudly served the Portland Oregon metro and Vancouver WA areas for over 30 years.

We understand that the ownership and property management of rental houses and apartments can be complex, so we focus on implementing and meeting the owner’s investment goals.

For many, it’s maximizing the cash flow our investors receive, while others prefer to gentler rent pricing for consistent long term tenancy. We believe tenant’s are the foundation & cornerstone to an investment property’s success. We ensure that tenants are proud to call their residences home.

Knowledge and professionalism are important to us here at InterWest Properties, Inc., and we are committed to applying creativity to solve complex problems, in order to reach a high level of service that is second to none. We were founded on a high level of values & ethics that matter to our investors and tenants, and we still cherish these values today.

When it comes to property management companies in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington, we have local expertise, and that is critical to a property’s great performance. For your meeting your investment goals, while maintaining a pleasant tenant experience, make it a winning decision by placing InterWest Properties in your corner.

Why Choose Us

Houses on Coins

InterWest Property Management competency lies in our team of experts who consistently deliver when it comes to earning a steady flow of revenue for our clients.

Our refined systems are effective tools in acquiring quality tenants who will be responsible renters living in your property. We leverage our years in the property management operation and pair it with our deep-seated knowledge on best practices harvested over time.

As the essence of the business, we properly discern each potential candidate to warrant your property is taken care of. We also make sure that rental collection is a smooth procedure for the benefit of both landlords and tenants. InterWest Property Management uses a variety of methods for prompt rent collection.

What’s more, sporadic inspections of the property are often conducted. This is to keep your property competitive in the market and highly appealing. We check both interiors and exteriors and keep it in a topnotch condition. We perform this before, during and after occupancy.

This anticipatory method in property upkeep serves our clients by constant improvement and reduced costs since problems are spotted before it looms into a crisis. This strategy keeps leaseholders content and loyal, it also lessens inconvenience on their part by avoiding long periods of repairs.

Aside from nurturing residents and guests, we also built incredible professional relationships with local contractors. Thus, quality services can be expected when it comes to repair and maintenance. This lets our customers save money since fair prices are negotiated through our long-term business relationships.

In case tenant evictions are unavoidable, you can trust InterWest to handle everything in a legal manner. We stay compliant and value our clients’ trust, and safeguard our reputation as well.

At InterWest, we prioritize our customers’ needs by delivering outstanding services. We take care of property management details so landlords can focus on maximizing their investment opportunities. Try our property management services, experience our degree of professionalism and high performance as a team.

Get Help from Property Management Experts

It’s natural in an ever-changing marketplace that every property owner, whether seasoned or just starting out, has a tendency to make common mistakes. We pride ourselves in being able to guide property investors towards marketplace trends, guidelines, and policies that help you avoid those common mistakes.

We have a menu of service options available. Whether you’re looking for consulting on your residential real estate investment, Rent-up Services, Our Gold Management Service Plan, or our Platinum package, we have a tailored product to meet your needs. Our property management experts keep a keen eye on the constantly shifting rental markets in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington and surrounding areas.

What you need is a property management company that will help you fine-tune your objectives based on your goals. One to help cut out unnecessary costs, boost collections, increase profit margins, and provided outstanding services to your tenants.

It’s important to us that you’re able to grow your rental investment portfolio without having to bend over backwards, devoting ever-increasing amounts of your personal time to physically manage, maintain and properly account for each tenant at each rental property, each month! Your time is worth something, and many investment owners don’t place enough value on their time invested.

By choosing InterWest, and a management service option that closely meets your needs, we make it our job to handle the minutiae while you focus on what, and who, is truly important to you in your life.