Every landlord wishes to attract a top-quality tenant who performs his tenant duties well by maintaining the property owner's unit. One who pays his rent promptly each month. Most importantly, one who gets along well with the neighbors, reducing the stress of a typical conflict-averse landlord.

The best way to attract a high caliber renter in your Vancouver rental property is through effective marketing. You can own the best property and assign the most affordable rental price, but if your marketing style is insufficient, it would fail. Brilliant strategies are needed to promote your property's best features.

Here are some ways you can employ to land the ideal tenant you desire:

Use an attention-grabbing headline.

Headlines are usually capitalized and printed in bold print to attract interest. Make sure it captures the viewer's attention when you advertise your Vancouver Washington rental property. Find a way to incorporate the best features of your unit.

Is it near the train station? Does it have a huge spacious backyard? Does it offer any facilities like a pool, parking lot or gym?

Don't clutter with too much unnecessary information; it's best to focus on what type of tenant will match your property. Moreover, highlight the features, property type, neighborhood and benefits. Offer it in a new way so it will further attract prospective tenants.

Create the best advertising.

The best advertising contains full information that leaves readers' questions answered. It's a given that important details like dimensions, location and amenities are stated. Offer the best description, include value for the prospective renter and make sure the advertisement is written professionally.

Something to keep in mind is crafting a catchy headline that captures the interest of a reader right away. Next, talk about your Vancouver Washington rental property's highlights. Use bullet points to make it easy on the eyes as you list down key features and amenities.

You can also include a map when describing the location to make it easy for your potential tenants to figure out the area. Lastly, you can list down the rental amount and other vital information you want to focus on. This will also help to filter out other unsuitable applicants.

Utilize platforms to promote your rental property.

Focus on where the attention of your target market is directed. Do they read classified ads or do they prefer to read newspapers? Which media are they fond of using?

Nowadays, plenty of people are using social media to share and look for information. The biggest reason is the ready accessibility and its quick feedback. As well, you can find several businesses that have social accounts where you can dig up more information.

The most common platform for real estate landlords, however, is advertising through rental sites. Popular rental sites like Zillow, Craigslist and Hotpads are where people usually start their rental property search.

Still, you can use newspaper classifieds, especially when you aim for an older demographic. They prefer to open a newspaper and look in the classified ads section. This is one of the best ways to attract retirees.

You can also use classic methods, such as posting flyers on bulletin boards around town. Sometimes people will check these ads while waiting for the buses or while standing inside a community center, library or church. Make your flyer eye-catching, so attention will be directed on your tacked flyer.

Other landlords still use the classic tried-and-tested method of traditional signage, such as a "For Rent" sign. Passersby can easily spot this ad while driving or walking around, so never discount this foolproof strategy.

You can also engage the help of a local realtor you can find on social media to provide aid in finding a quality tenant. Note that hiring a realtor would involve paying fees. When it comes to social media, Instagram and Pinterest can be very helpful since they are image-based.

You can then upload professional and quality pictures of your Vancouver, Washington rental property and the neighborhoods around it. You can schedule your posts to keep on gaining interest in the online sphere. If a tenant is not renewing his lease and vacating the unit soon, then you can start marketing online to accumulate a pool of prospects.

These are just some of the common online and offline methods to advertise your property. Keep marketing using these creative outlets. Even if you shell out money initially, the most important thing is to find the right kind of tenants eventually.

Choose the right target market.

Study your Vancouver, Washington rental unit beforehand.

What type of renters would be attracted to it? Is it near a school or business hub? What type of neighborhood surrounds your property?

What are the values offered around your property's community? What kind of amenities do you have and who will suit it?

Narrowing your concentration this way gives you a sharper vision of what demographic to market to. This prevents your marketing efforts from going down the drain. This further means your energy is properly directed, avoiding any waste of marketing resources.

Find ways to connect with a community.

One of the things renters look at is the community of a neighborhood. Look for deep connections by sponsoring activities and joining local festivals. The best way to attract attention is to create publicity.

Distribute flyers during parades, so you'll be able to spread more information about your Vancouver rental properties. When people recognize your name, they'll be recommending your property to their network of contacts.

Trust the power of word-of-mouth.

Make sure to ask for feedback from your past and present tenants. This way their recommendations can be read by interested prospects on your website page.

In case they land you quality renters, hand out incentives to thank them for their business support. This will further encourage them to send more prospects on your way. Never underestimate the real power of word-of-mouth.

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