Are you looking to hire a reputable property manager in Portland or Vancouver?

Look no further than InterWest Properties. With our years of experience, InterWest can be your trusted partner in managing your rental property or apartment community.

Since 1984, we’ve been providing quality, honest, and professional property management services in Vancouver WA, Portland Oregon metro, and surrounding areas.

We offer a full range of services and have continually worked to increase our industry proficiency. As experts, we put a premium on our clients’ trust. This translates to a more tailored hands-on approach. We also maximize the use of technology for a smoother client experience.

Aside from the habitual services such as rent collection, bill payments, and property maintenance, we also see to it that maximum revenue is prioritized as well. We take property marketing earnestly and work tirelessly to scale down your stress by delivering on our responsibilities.

During emergencies, we arrange for a qualified technician who can readily conduct maintenance or repairs to ensure the occupants have no grounds for complaints. As a customer-centric company, we focus on a superb property management experience for everyone involved.

Our Property Management Services

InterWest’s high caliber team of knowledgeable staff will ensure you get the best assistance in the property management sector. Our meticulous and dedicated team will focus on meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations to support your rental property venture in this competitive industry.

Suffice to say, InterWest has the appropriate skills to steer your rental business to success. Below are some of the premier services we offer to make the rental stand out.

1. Marketing of The Rental Property

Visibility through appropriate advertising channels is one of our effective methods to reduce vacancies. Not only do we use signage, but we also advertise on our website, which gets your property to as many eyes as possible.

We are associated with a huge network of rental websites and will post ads there as well. Some of these sites include Zumper, Craigslist, Oodle,, FrontDoor, Zillow and Trulia, and well over 100 more.

In addition to online promotion, we contact location employers who house traveling personnel, list it at all the local colleges and universities and post on local community bulletin boards at local shops near the rental. We also post available rentals on the Facebook Marketplace.

2. Applicant Screening Process

We have incorporated smart strategies to ensure we only accept quality tenants. It’s our prime duty to only approve tenants who will cherish our clients’ premier assets.

From the start, we perform comprehensive tenant screening which includes a full verification of credit, criminal & rental history on all applicants.

Our effective tools have served us well in this procedure over the years. We are skilled in recognizing and accepting only qualified applicants.

3. Rent Collection

A variety of convenient payment options are available for tenants. We understand the significance of rent collection to keep the property rental business running.

That’s why we make it a point to collect in a timely manner. Before leases are signed, a discussion with occupants is done regarding strict due dates, enforced late fees and penalties.

We provide our clients with nearly a dozen rent payment possibilities. They have access to an online tenant portal to review their ledger or make payments directly with their bank. We also have options that include 7-Eleven and CVS. We believe the process of paying rent should not be an inconvenience.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Since your property is the core asset in a rental business, we make sure it remains in top condition. It’s kept tidy and secure to maintain its attractiveness in the market.

Before a maintenance crisis occurs, we conduct consistent inspections to detect minor problems. This protects the repair budget and keeps revenue intact from costly incidentals that are easily avoidable.

When you choose to work with us, you can expect prompt responses in case of situations that require immediate attention.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

If you’re looking for help tracking your property’s revenue, checking its expenses and monitoring taxes, then look no further than InterWest. We make sure to deliver meticulously prepared documents to stay transparent in our financial records for our clients.

As a client, you will receive a monthly statement displaying all your expenses and income. You can also access this and other files at any time on our website through the owner’s portal.

This gateway retains each month’s financial reports, so a complete history is complete and at your convenience.

More About Us

InterWest is a company that focuses on details for macro results that will keep tenants and landlords gratified in the long-term. Our management services outlined above are just a small indicator of our commitment to excellence in the management of your investment. Other services we provide include:

  • Complete rental application process with state agency accepted forms and addendums necessary to meet Oregon’s Landlord/Tenant Laws.
  • Handle all tenant correspondence, including requests for maintenance and service.
  • Fully account for all financial transactions, including deposits.
  • Perform regular maintenance & inspections of your investment, and provide 24-hour on-call maintenance emergency service.
  • Paperless, detailed monthly statements accounting for all income and disbursements.
  • Upon change of residency, we perform a detailed written final accounting based on move-out condition and ledger balances, processed in a timely manner in accordance to state Landlord/Tenant Laws.
  • All collected rents and deposits are maintained in a client’s trust account, subject to a monthly 3-part reconciliation and periodic auditing by the state Real Estate Agencies.
  • Perform a full verification of Credit, Criminal & Rental History on all applicants.
  • Conduct regular, written inspections of the property every six months with a copy going to the owner. Regular curbside inspections are also performed and documented.