I am interested in one of the rentals and would like to visit.

Click on the link of the property you wish to explore. Many units have an auto-viewing lockbox for convenient options. However, certain properties will require an appointment with an agent. There will be a link on the property page with information to schedule a showing.

Can I apply for a property I haven't seen?

We require applicants to view a unit before they apply. Photos can only do so much to represent the property and we would like to ensure it meets your expectations. If you are relocating from out-of-state, it is recommended that a friend or family member can see the unit on your behalf.

How do I submit a rental application?

It’s easy! Click the link to “Apply Online” at the top of the Vacancy page or go to the page of the property you are interested in and click on the application link. You will be directed to an online submission page to complete the data.

If you would rather print an application and bring it into our office, the link is on the Vacancy tab. There is a fee for processing applications.

Do I have to sign a lease?

Most of our rental properties require a 12-month lease to initiate a tenancy. Our lease describes the responsibilities of both parties covering the entire tenancy. Lease renewals may be available and/or roll to a month-to-month tenancy at the expiration of a lease.

What is your security deposit policy?

The security deposit equals one month’s rent and is to be received in certified funds before you can move in. In the event you are a conditional approval, you may qualify with a co-signer and/or higher deposit. Additional Security deposits may be required for pets at qualifying properties.

Do I need to get renter’s insurance?

Within the bounds of the law, we require all leaseholders to have coverage. You will need confirmation of insurance for us to hand over the keys.

How and where do I pay the rent?

We provide all tenants' hassle-free payment options. You can pay at our office; we accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders. Another option is the funds transfer through your bank. You can also pay online via our tenant portal, where we accept credit, debit or e-check. Additionally, PaySlips can be provided to residents seeking the convenience of paying rent directly at participating 7-Eleven, Ace Cash Express and CVS locations.

What happens if I can't pay the rent on time?

Please contact our Tenancy Administrator to discuss your challenges right away. We make every effort to contact residents who haven’t made a payment, but if we don’t have interaction, we can’t work with you. Failure to contact us could lead to an eviction.

Is there a way to waive the late fees?

We adhere to the Fair Housing Laws that specifies to consider all tenants equally. Whenever possible, we provide a one-time courtesy waive on late fees per occupancy. Additional late fees will not be waived.

When is the rent increased?

Generally, the rent increases after a lease expires but this isn’t always the case. Rent escalations depend on several factors such as owner demands and market conditions.

Can I have a roommate?

A roommate will need to go through the same screening and approval process - fill out the application form, pay the processing fee, and wait for the results. Without these steps, you are at risk of violating the lease agreement, which could lead to termination of the lease with a cause.

What is your pet policy?

This depends on the particular contract. Please call our office if you want to have a pet. Additional pets are processed separately, and extra fees may apply.

Am I allowed to change the locks?

No. Tenants who change the locks need to notify our office and schedule an appointment for us to evaluate it. This will be a billable event. Tenants wishing to change the locks need to submit a request for maintenance.

What is considered a maintenance emergency?

We define emergencies as intimidations to human lives and threats to property resulting in damage such as a burst pipe or a busted heater during the cold season. Contact our office to reach our maintenance department and our after-hours emergency line.

Can anyone from your company enter my residence when I'm not there?

We will provide notice prior to making entry into your dwelling. We may also make admittance to perform necessary repairs in the event of an emergency without prior notice. However, we will notify you if that ensues. Notices for entry will be posted for insurance agents or inspectors. We will not perform unit evaluations or upkeep when an unaccompanied minor is present in the unit. All of our maintenance team and field staff have well-marked company uniforms.