Why Work With InterWest?

Since 1984, InterWest Properties, Inc. has been leading the professional property management industry in the Portland and Vancouver areas.

We are focused on the value of honesty and progressive ideas. These traits keep investors content, and both homes and multi-unit properties rented to high-quality tenants who care.

As a landlord, we understand that your most pressing concern is to fill a vacancy. That’s why InterWest specializes in reduced unoccupied rates. We set the correct rental price to avoid over or undercharging occupants. We also select only qualified residents to occupy your rental properties.

Our screening process is conducted diligently and it’s extensive to capture the best renters in the market. We have an array of effective advertising strategies for expert publicizing.

Our rent collection methods are simple and efficient to encourage tenants to pay in a timely manner. Staying legally compliant with Portland and Vancouver landlord-tenant laws is also a cinch under InterWest.

Our experience is vast and our knowledge honed over the years is a guarantee our clients’ best interests are always safeguarded. We also oversee tenant eviction in case the situation calls for it.

InterWest values professionalism and our goal is to reliably meet our clients’ expectations when it comes to being a partner in their rental property’s success.

1. Avoid vacant rental units

Marketing the Rental: As experts in the field, we are qualified and well-informed when it comes to utilizing promotion channels and selecting the best publicizing options. We also distinguish how to set the correct rental price that will keep current occupants renewing their leases, as they’ll find the rate reasonable. We ensure to offer competitive rental prices to keep your earnings optimal.

2. Find the perfect leaseholder the first time

Tenant Screening Process: Picking the best, responsible and long-term occupant requires formidable skill and substantial knowledge. InterWest is competent in this critical phase in the business. We like keeping tenant turnover at bay to prevent a revenue gap and needless spending for vacant units. We are masters in landing quality tenants who will responsibly occupy the property.

3. Stop wasting energy chasing rent

Rent Collection: Making use of technology through an online payment system guarantees that tenants will not default on their monthly rents. The system also uses a warning system to avoid this status quo. Steady cash flow is what keeps a business afloat and InterWest makes sure that reins are in place to ensure consistent revenues for our clients. This is a priority for us as expenses and budget control are affected when it comes to rent collection.

4. Save time & money

Property Repairs & Maintenance: Increasing the market appeal and property value relies upon consistent repairs and upkeep. InterWest has developed certified relationships with local contractors over the years. This will assure high-quality work when repairs occur and services need to be performed. You won’t look for other questionable contractors. Obtaining a fair price for labor is also an advantage when you hire InterWest to oversee your property.

5. Let us retain your investment’s paperwork in order

Detailed Financial Reporting: Transparency is one of our goals to serve our clients in an excellent fashion. Wherever you are and whatever time, you can always visit your online portal to keep track of the complete data related to your property. The paperwork is always detailed, organized and updated so you’re assured the information pertaining to your rental property business’ affairs is current. You can then assess the financial growth of your property investment. Decision-making regarding other venture opportunities is easier to decide upon since financial statements are readily available.

Benefits of Working with Us

InterWest has been a proven and trusted property management partner over the years. We’re a Portland and Vancouver property management firm that is serious about delivering outstanding customer service. We aim to take off the stress load from your shoulders so you can enjoy your freedom.

Do you just need help finding your own tenant? Or perhaps you want to do your own maintenance, but managing the tenants is a headache? Do you need coaching advice with a tenant’s final accounting? Perhaps you just need a second set of eyes to manage the accounting for the property?

We have a menu of service options available. Whether you’re looking for consulting on your residential real estate investment, Rent-up Services, Our Gold Management Service Plan, or our Platinum Management Service Plan, we have a tailored product to meet your needs.

We provide detailed monthly financial reports, 24 hour on-call emergency maintenance, tenants with online rent payment options, Ratio utility billing, and the list goes on. Our mission to serve with people with excellence, competitive pricing and outstanding dedication to honest and ethical performance. We put people behind every business decision in the execution of our services.

Whatever needs you might be looking for in a property manager, our team of experts have the insight, experience, and local resources to successfully handle all of your rental property management needs, challenges, concerns and questions.

While many companies claim to do things well, we deliver on our commitments by making things happen. Call us today at (503) 256-2323 to learn more about our complete lineup of property management services!